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Real Estate Inspection Services

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Home Inspection

A thorough inspection of your new home or building — during and after construction — gives you the utmost quality assurance before you move in. Whether you're buying a newly constructed space or building your own, we're happy to evaluate your new building and provide a convenient, detailed report. This service is ideal for both business owners and home buyers under warranty.

What We Cover

As well as poor workmanship, we find new homes with cement fiber sidings — Hardie Plank being the most popular — that have not been installed to the manufacturers' specifications. This is important to catch, as it will void the 30- to 50-year warranty. We also look for:

Air Leakage in Exterior Sheathing that Can Increase Utility Costs
Insulation in the Attic, Walls, & Floors that Doesn't Meet the Georgia Energy Standards & Increases Utility Costs
Rooms with Missing Air Vents & Poorly Located Returns
Inadequately Sized HVAC Systems
Unsafe Wiring & Electrical Problems that Could Result in Fire 

Inspection Reports

The written results from our independent home inspection provide you will help you learn more about your property and ensure that it's finished properly. With our highly detailed report, you have the leverage necessary to get your project completed on time and with quality workmanship.