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Whether you're purchasing a new home or ensuring the safety of your commercial property, Chris Curles and Associates, Inc. are at your service. With more than 40 years of hands-on experience, we have the skills and knowledge to provide a detailed, results-driven home inspection in Snellville, GA, designed to enhance your knowledge and keep your property safe.

Thank you for considering us for your home inspection needs. Buyers/Sellers/Investors and Real Estate Agents have trusted us for over thirty years to provide the most professional and comprehensive inspections of real estate properties. After you learn more about us and what we do, we can earn your business and trust. Our reputation is built on Integrity, Experience, and Knowledge of our service. We work diligently daily to deliver our customers the most professional yet personalized service possible. Please take a minute to review our services and certifications.

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Home inspection is an important step in the buying process

If you're buying a home in Atlanta, getting a home inspection is essential to ensure that the property is safe, structurally sound, and up to code. A home inspection thoroughly examines the property's condition and can uncover hidden defects and potential problems that may not be visible to the untrained eye. Here's what you need to know about home inspections in Atlanta.

What does a home inspection in Atlanta include?

A home inspection in Atlanta typically includes a visual inspection of the property's exterior and interior, including the foundation, termite, wildlife, radon gas testing, infrared scanning, code compliance roof, new construction, phase inspections, walls, windows, doors, and insulation. The inspector will also check the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other mechanical components. The inspector may use specialized tools such as moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and gas detectors to identify potential problems if necessary.

Why is a home inspection in Atlanta necessary?

A home inspection in Atlanta is crucial because it can identify any potential problems or defects in a property before closing the deal. This can give the buyer leverage to negotiate for repairs or a lower price with the seller. It can also help avoid surprises during the buying process and ensure the property is safe and comfortable for the buyer to live in.

When should you get a home inspection in Atlanta?

You should get a home inspection in Atlanta before closing the deal on a property. This will allow you to identify potential problems or defects and negotiate with the seller for repairs or a lower price. It's important to note that a home inspection is not a guarantee against future problems, but it can provide valuable information about the property's condition.

What should you expect from a home inspection report in Atlanta?

A home inspection report in Atlanta should include a detailed description of the property's condition and any defects or potential problems identified during the inspection. The report should also include repairs and maintenance recommendations and estimated costs. Buyers can use this information to negotiate with the seller or prioritize repairs and maintenance.

How do you choose a home inspector in Atlanta?

When choosing a home inspector in Atlanta, it's essential to look for someone who is licensed and insured and has experience inspecting properties in the area. You can ask for recommendations from your real estate agent or search online for reputable home inspectors in Atlanta.

In conclusion, a home inspection in Atlanta is essential for anyone looking to purchase a property in the area. Buyers can make informed decisions and ensure that the property is safe and comfortable by thoroughly examining and addressing any identified issues. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

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If you’re wondering, “Are there home inspectors near me?” you’ve come to the right place. Home Inspections Atlanta – Chris Curles and Associates Inc. is fully insured. Why is this important to you?
Home Inspections Atlanta carries Errors and Omissions insurance, General Liability insurance and Workman's Compensation insurance. Errors and Omissions insurance protects you in the unlikely event we do not report a major defect in your home. General Liability protects you in the event we accidentally damage something in the home. Workman's Compensation insurance is required by a builder or developer to protect them in the event we get hurt on the job site.

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